From Metalsmith to Silversmith and places in Between online Course


Here you will have access to videos, audio and pdf files, all relevant to the online course. Each class builds upon the other, so following in order is recommended ,there are 20 different techniques /projects in all.

There is also a Facebook Group for the online class which you will receive a digital download with a link to join.

I have been teaching Metal working and Silversmithing workshops and classes around the country since 2005, the projects you will find in this online course are projects and techniques I have taught in my classes and workshops, I am now making them available to you, without the costs of Hotels, Parking, Dining and Workshop fees. Each class or project lists the materials needed. You will find photos, descriptions and some of my original sketches as well as resources/ references and links for tools and materials.

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Cover Girl

As I promised, I have some very exciting news to share with you, here on the blog.

While I was at the beach in Norfolk, Virginia, I once again found myself reflecting on my life, thinking about childhood memories and wishes that I had for myself growing up. One of which was to be a “Cover Girl” as I remembered this memory, I had a tingly feeling come over me out of the blue, I felt I needed to go back to my son’s, to check my email( For some unexplainable reason), after trying to get online time between the two of my sons Dyllan and Ryan who are big time Gamers, I succeeded to find an email from the editor of Belle Armoire Jewelry titled “Cover Artist”.

I was shocked surprised and ecstatic “The Abstract Heart necklace” that I worked so hard on was chosen as the cover for the Autumn 2oo8 issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry, along with several other necklaces, that I have created within this past year.

Tears welled up and I almost cried, but my sons were looking at me in the most strangest way!

I often find that I feel my life circumstances are not going the way I think it should, and then Surprise— The Universal (Spirit) Energy rewards us in a most unusually appreciative way I am absolutely truly grateful to the editors and staff at Belle Armoire, a sincere “Thank You” for creating such a wonderfully creative outlet for Jewelry artists. I can hardly wait to get my hands on this copy(grins)

Here are a few pictures, Photo credits Belle Armoire Jewelry Magazine.

To purchase Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine click this link!